Prime Minister Kilman told Ministers and Director Generals of the Government that spending outside the appropriated budget must end as it is costing government service delivery.

“The Government budgets for 50 teachers but the Ministry of Education employs 100 teachers and we budget for 100 scholarships as example for the year, yet you get more students send for scholarships and where do you expect us to take money from to cover that undertaking?” the Prime minister questioned the DGs.

In a statement to the media, the office of the Prime Minister stated that over a coffee break on Monday in what Prime Minister Kilman described as a meeting among the “Managers” of the people of Vanuatu, the leader who is responsible for public servants says he wants to encourage “open and informal gathering”.

Senior Council of Ministers member, Finance Minister Willie Jimmy described “coffee” meeting as a milestone in the entire history of public service where the Ministers and DGs meet.

PM Kilman encouraged the ministers to spend more time with the DGs to talk and find ways how to best deliver the government services to the people.

The Head of Government asked if anyone has not seen the deteriorating road conditions in Port Vila with huge ugly pot holes but more importantly what is the government doing about it and when the Port Vila Urban Land Development project will start.

These are the things the small person on the street is asking about their government and is there a government that listens to their plea but no one seems to care.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The backlog of court cases in Court that should be heard or has been heard and adjourned is piling up to an extent where already people are asking is there justice in Vanuatu, the PM raised.

Lands issues regarding the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leader’s decision to award a parcel of land to each Melanesian countries is still an outstanding issue and the Lands Department should sort it out, the PM said.

Launching of policies or programmes by the government is occupying too much government time and organisers of the event should keep it short and should not drag the government employees who are paid by tax payers the whole day.

On Foreign Affairs, the PM asked that when will Finance provide the mission with their outstanding grants because the PM quoted a former Vanuatu envoy in the United States “that America is not like Vanuatu where you can plan manioc in your backyard”. The Foreign Missions need adequate budget.

PM Kilman said the outstanding impresses owed by government employees is alarming and the government must address the issue.

The Prime minister has given the DGs 14 days to deal with some of the issues then he will sign their revised employment contracts which has undergone some review by the Government.

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