Commissioner of Police vehicle involved in another traffic collision

ComPol 5 colliding with the bus. 

The Commissioner of Police's (ComPol) vehicle was involved in another traffic collision last week.

Daily Post was told that ComPol 5 was driven by Acting Chief of Staff, Frazer Tambe, who was on his way to work when he accidentally collided with a service bus at Edinburgh Street.

The Office of the ComPol has confirmed the matter to Daily Post, saying Mr Tambe has been restrained from driving any force vehicle pending the outcome of the investigation of the Professional Standards Unit (PSU).

The office also conveyed the Acting Chief of Staff will personally meet the full cost of the damage done to the vehicle and any disciplinary action depends on the findings of the PSU but won't disturb the traffic section to bring their findings to the court.

The office added Mr Tambe reported the accident minutes after the collision.

No charge has been laid yet but police confirmed the investigation is ongoing and is likely to end sometimes next week.

Police confirmed that according to the evidence provided at the scene of the collision and a few evidences in hand, charges will be laid depending on the findings but at this stage preliminary findings do no favour Tambe.

Reports received indicated the driver of the service bus has surrendered his documents to the traffic sections as part of the investigation.

This accident has marked the second crash the ComPol vehicle has been involved in after the first one at Anamburu last year.

The police officer who crashed the car for the first time has been suspended.

On record, Police officer Matthew Malapa was suspended when the police vehicle he was driving was involved in a traffic accident as well as PC Nelson Roger who overturned another vehicle in North Efate while on duty.

Both were suspended pending investigations.

Sources within the government have questioned why Mr Tambe is still on duty while he is under a clear traffic investigation, saying a lower ranked police officer would have already be on suspension if he was involved and it would seem high-ranking police officers are treated differently.

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