COM secretary back in custody after breaching bail

The Secretary of the Council of Ministers (COM) in back in custody after breaching his bail conditions police said.

Armstrong Masanga was apprehended by police and now is back in the Correctional facility after he failed to make it to his court date at the end of January.

Masanga is facing one count of intentional homicide and reckless driving causing death.

During his bail hearing the court had ordered him not to leave the island of Efate and not to interfere with the prosecution witnesses directly or indirectly.

The court ordered Masanga not to contact any employees at the night club where he allegedly run over the Filipino who died on the scene after allegations that he attempted to kill the security guards after they denied him entry at the club on the night of the alleged accident.

The court further ordered Masanga not to go within 200 metres in the vicinity of the club.

Justice Andre Wiltens also placed the COM Secretary on curfew, meaning he should be at home at 6pm until 6am for seven days a week and was banned from kava and alcohol consumption. He was ordered to attend the court during his Preliminary (PI) Hearing after being summoned – but he failed to turn up in court and left the prosecution with no choice but have him arrested and placed him behind bars.

The alleged ‘hit and run’ accident in the early hours of December 23, 2018 but Masanga voluntarily gave himself to the police the next day.

According to the recent COM decisions record, Mr John Ezra is now the Acting COM Secretary.

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