Colorful purses made out of wastes

Colorful purses made out of packets of twisties and breakfast crackers.

If you are thinking of throwing away the empty packets of your breakfast crackers in your garbage bag, or deliberately drop the empty packets of twisties anywhere around you, think about its impact on the environment.

If you have old clothes, unusable and worn out, and you are thinking of getting rid of them, Wan Smol Bag Sewing Classroom is the best place to dump your old clothes at.

Wan Smol Bag, together with JICA, Port Vila Municipality and the Department of Environment have been putting a lot of effort to keep Port Vila clean.

People, however, continue to litter the streets of Port Vila, despite mass awareness and campaigns of waste management issues.

With the increasing amount of rubbish lying almost everywhere around Port Vila, the Sewing Class of WSB thought money-wise, tapped into a more creative aspect of turning rubbish into something useful and be able to make money from them.

With lessons from Sewing Class tutor, Florin William, the students produced colorful purses and little bags out of recycled plastics such as twisties, breakfast crackers, crisp packets and old unusable clothes.

These government institutions and NGO’s wish to encourage people to use their own bags or buy recycled bags, so as not to use plastic bags which are not biodegradable.

Apart from collecting recycled plastics, WSB Sewing Class is also collecting old clothes, and other materials that are not needed at home.

WSB is grateful to Jennifer Bowtell for recently donating old clothes to WSB.

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