The Office of the Civil Status has revealed that 30,000 citizens have lodged applications at its Port Vila Office for national ID cards since January 2019.

This figure excludes those who have applied and received their ID Card from centers set up in different wards in Port Vila.

“We usually receive up to 1,000 people in the morning and around the same figure in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday,” a staff from the Civil Status Office told Daily Post.

“We are open from 8.00am to 12.00 midday and again from 1.00pm to 5.00pm, but the people just keep on coming.

“To us, it is encouraging to see Vanuatu citizens recognizing the importance of having a national ID Card.”

Asked if the staff of the Department have encountered problems, the staff responded: “We don’t have any difficulties except that the people are keeping us busy and this is good. We realized that here we provide direct service to the people and directly interact with them which is very good.”

The National Government wants all citizens to have the multipurpose National ID Card. It anticipates the ID Card will be used for voting during the 2020 national parliamentary elections.

The National ID Card has already proven its purpose and worthiness when used as a requirement with the Air Vanuatu new passenger policy at the beginning of this month. Passengers are required to present the national ID Card or a passport, a driver’s license, a VNPF card or a similar recognized ID.

The issuance of the national ID Card, free of charge, will continue throughout this year and in 2020.

The Vanuatu citizens can now obtain national ID Cards from one of the centers set up at the Municipal Wards throughout Port Vila.

When the Daily Post visited a center at the Freshwota Park yesterday morning, one of the staff explained that the center is fully set up and operational: “People come, fill up the national ID Card forms, have their photo taken and are promptly issued with their national ID Card. It’s all done quickly and professionally,” he assured.

The Daily Post understands that Vanuatu citizens are travelling from the outer islands to Port Vila to have their national ID Card process.

“It shows how the national ID Card is important to every citizen of this country and the people of Vanuatu are mature after 39 years of Independence,” one of the staff commented.

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