The first delegation of tourists from China’s Guangdong province were amazed to see that Vanuatu maintains its traditional ways despite many developments in the society.

Empowered by the MG Group, Vanuatu Tourism Limited (VTL), successfully organized the first delegation of tourists from Guangdong to visit Efate and Tanna.

The tourists spent two days and one night in Tanna, exploring and discovering the custom villages.

MinMin Chan, a Tourism Specialist appointed by the Trade Commissioner of Vanuatu in Guangdong Province, China stated: “For us, this is very unique and splendid as you may not see this anywhere else but only in books or the internet”.

She also described climbing up the volcano as an ‘O.L.E.’ - Once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The group noticed the rich natural beauty when they visited the great banyan tree, which attracted everyone’s attention and of course the great Yasur volcano.

Some of the tourism personnel feel there is still work to be done near the crater to put some safety accessories for the elderly people and those who are weak to go near the crater.

“We have been really amazed and for sure we will promote the beauty of Vanuatu in Guangdong province on a large scale via television, radio, social media and so forth,” said VTL Manager Ronald Ng.

“Hopefully the next tour group will benefit from this experience.”

The Chinese tourists expressed great satisfaction over the Tanna trip and can’t wait to relay their experiences to their families and friends.

Most of the visitors were satisfied that Tanna should be marketed in the Chinese market as a hot spot destination and attraction.

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