Chinese nationals want refund

Chinese nationals Zheqi Elvira Pang and her father, Zhijian Pang want the Jiangsu Construction Group to repay the money they spent on construction of their incomplete house.

Zheqi and her father claimed they spent more than Vt30 million on Jiangsu company to construct their house, but the house was not completed after they expressed their dissatisfaction over the “low quality” works, claiming it was not build to standard.

They said it has been eight months since works has stopped and they felt they have been cheated on.

At the beginning of May, Zheqi and her father staged a protest at two separate locations to express their disappointment over how they were being treated by Jiangsu Group. Last week, they staged another similar protest.

They said they are seeking justice for how they were being treated. The father and daughter said they have spent a lot of money but since their house remains uncompleted and it has become a huge loss to them, they want the company to refund all their money.

When Daily Post enquired if they had approached the police to lodge a formal complaint against the company, their response was ‘no’.

Meanwhile, Andong Zhang, the Business Manager of the Chinese Construction Group told Daily Post last month that Mr. Zhijian pointed out some quality issues based only on his own knowledge without the valuation from a third-party engineer.

He confirmed again on Monday that they have tried all means to resolve the matter in an amicable way.

Mr. Andong said they do not understand how the figure in the claim was determined but they have already engaged a lawyer to deal with the matter.

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