Child Care School Farewells Departing Students 

Child Care Year 8 graduates with parents and school staff.

Year 8 students at the Child Care Primary School topped the national exam results last year.

School Manager, Nadia Kanegai-Didou was pleased with the students’ performance. Mrs Didou confirmed that all 26 of her Year 8 students got selected to go to Malapoa College.

To mark the achievement the school had a special dedication service at the Sarabulu Churches of Christ Church at Anaborou on Sunday February 3, 2019.

Edith Ata, a school staff member mentioned that it takes the whole family and community to raise a child so the achievement belongs to everyone.

She further stated that the achievement is done on a cooperative level, collaboration and partnership. That makes a difference and everyone can see in the good results from the children.

Pastor Nicolson Karu who performed the dedication service also expressed joy saying that he was delighted to be partnering with Child Care School over the years in the effort they were putting in to producing great students.

The pastor who is also a Malapoa College teacher stated that he has seen Child Care students pass to Malapoa over the years and perform excellently. As a pastor, he said once again that he is delighted to have the relationship between the Church and Child Care School and that the church has become a spiritual overseer to their success.

Proud parent Johnson Vora applauded the teachers of Child Care School and commended the school structure especially how it allows for a lot of parental input as Mr Vora mentioned that apart from good school management, involvement of the parents is one of the key elements to a child’s success in the school system.

The education attaché to the Vanuatu High Commission in Suva was also quoted during his speech, saying, “in order to succeed you need to have a dream.”

The diplomat then encouraged the students to dream big, focus on their studies and chase that dream.

Smiling Child Care Graduate, Peter Tari also complimented his teachers at his now former school, Child Care School and further explained that it was through them that he managed to pass to Vanuatu’s number one school of excellence.

The 13-year-old Ambaen boy also spoke along the same lines as Johnson Vora and said that his dream is to become an automotive engineer in the future.

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