Ken Thode

Chiko Farm owner Thode says the continuous stealing from the farm casts a bleak prospect on the company’s future.

Twenty chicken layers and over 1,000 eggs were stolen at the Chiko Farm over the festive season.

The continuous break-ins into Chiko Farm’s Products Limited are very worrying for hardworking Australian farmer, Ken Thode.

Farmer Thode is working really hard and putting all his effort and resources into reviving the poultry farm, after the damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Pam and a previous break-in back in 2016.

But the rebuilding efforts after the cyclone Pam destruction have taken a heavy blow after the massive break-in over the festive season.

It was alleged that the intruders cut the fence to enter the farm’s premises.

The incident happened when Mr.Thode was in Australia.

An understandably unhappy Thode told Daily Post that Chiko Farm is still recovering after the massive devastation caused by Cyclone Pam and the action, allegedly by locals at Teouma to steal from the farm continues to have a negative impact on his business.

Thode said the intention to build Chiko Farm, is to set a classic example for the Government and people of Vanuatu that the country needs to have its own Poultry Industry, and most importantly reduce the importation of chicken and eggs.

“This business does not employ expats,” he said.

“Yet we continue to destroy a business that gives jobs to locals and a business that promotes a healthy diet.

“Everyone who works for Chiko Farm are locals because we want to encourage everyone to be independent and self-reliant in this country”.

Thefts on Chiko farm are not new.

One of the biggest break-ins happened in 2016, where 300 chickens and 600 eggs were stolen.

Meanwhile, no suspects have been identified at this stage.

“I am starting to lose my temper over what is happening on this farm,” the frustrated owner said.

“My dream is to train locals to run this farm on their own, one day.”

Asked if the incident was reported to the police, Thode said, “We have reported similar cases in the past and the culprits were never apprehended”.

Thode is appealing to locals around Teouma and nearby surroundings to respect the new developments Chiko is doing, given that the Farm is in its rehabilitation process.

“I am kindly asking locals to report any suspects involved to me or the police,” Thode concluded.

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