Tom Plasua

Chief Plasua makes announcement in presence of his CEO, Jean Pierre Tom (left)

“All chiefs on each Island Council of Chief are mandated to return to their nakamals to work on their custom land laws and their custom marriage laws.”

Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs’ President makes the statement to confirm that both resolutions have been passed by the first meeting of Council since its formation.

On the same note he adds, “Both resolutions will involve significant work by the chiefs and it is my anticipation that the Government will assist financially to help the chiefs to carry out the tasks”.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Council of Chiefs, Jean Pierre Tom, says today custom marriage involves imported items including calico, and imported bags or boxes of imported items from China.

The CEO says this is not the definition of custom marriage so the purpose of the task is to define the literal meaning of custom marriage on each island and spell out how a custom marriage is organised and the relevant items to be used in the ceremony which do not include imported items.

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