Chief Iolopua

Chief Iolopua was very upset the way he was treated when he visited the Government Ministry to raise concern for his people on Epi.

A disappointed chief has voiced his concern over the alleged absence of professionalism and disrespect to customers, by a political appointee in a Government office.

Epi chief, Daniel Dick Iolopua visited the government office on Wednesday, to raise the plight of his people on infrastructure related issues.

The chief said the female appointee did not have the courtesy to call him into her office and speak professionally.

“I was escorted by the Minister’s Private Secretary, because I wanted to meet with the Minister,” he said.

“Since the Minister was still on Tanna Island, I was told the only other person I could meet with was a female officer.

“However, her approach was rude. She announced loudly in an aggressive tone that she won’t meet with anyone that day.

“She didn’t even have the manner and courtesy to explain properly why she would not be able to meet with anyone; and I felt very embarrassed as I travelled far, right from the village level expecting such people to be friendlier so that I can share the needs of my people.”

Chief Iolopua said he was very concerned on development matters on Epi and such an approach by the political appointee disrespects the grassroots people.

He said the female officer didn’t even greet him with a hello or good morning despite being employed in a public office intended to help the people of Vanuatu.

“Her actions were unsympathetic,” said the chief. “She lacked the customer service skills needed for such a high office.”

He said although there was no one else in the office when the officer made her loud announcement, as a chief from the rural area, he felt that her approach was rude.

The chief said it was at this point the Private Secretary called him into his office so they could discuss his concerns.

“We come from the village level with very important concerns, we are the voice of the people and we need assistance from technical people within the government offices to help us,” he reiterated.

He said such attitudes from political appointees portray a negative image of the Government.

Meanwhile, the political appointee was contacted but she refrained from responding to the chief’s concerns.

Chief Iolopua says it is about time the government seriously thinks about ensuring that all its workers are respectful, friendly and well-mannered when serving the people of Vanuatu.

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