Maewo Chief Raises Concern Over Govt Delegation's Visit to Ambae

Chief Moliaute Jonah Toakamase

Chief Moliaute Jonah Toakamase as the Secretary of the Matgamaltakaro Maewo Council of Chiefs has raised concerns regarding the Government’s decision to relocate the Ambaeans’ “Second Home” to Loltong in Pentecost, not Maewo.

“Why did the Council of Ministers decide to relocate the Province to Loltong? When at first, the Second Recovery Phase to give the families of Ambae a second home was agreed to be on Maewo island.” Said Chief Moliaute

Chief Moliaute asserted that the Government has no right to move the Province to a place where there is Land Disputes.

“Preferably, the Government should move the Province to South Maewo Roronda Area Council rather than Loltong, because the Government has spend a very large sum of money to the so-called land owners where as the rightful land owners have yet to receive their money.

“The fact that the Roronda Area Council has already been declared as the subcenter of the Province on Narovolovo under the agreement of chiefs and custom land owners should be respected.”

The Chief affirmed that before the Government makes a decision to implement the Second Recovery Phase of the volcano’s damage, it is best that the Government should at first, recall back to our country’s independence in 1980, during the time when the first Local Government Council System was introduced.

At that time, the Ambae/Maewo Local Government Council was one of the earliest councils created in 1981.

“From past experiences faced by the first Council, whenever the volcano explodes, the two islands would implement the Historical Custom Tribal System which follows under the Bible verse Ecclesiastes 1:9 which states — ‘What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.’

“The Government should know that the path they follow lies upon a customary, historical and ancestry roadmap which the Spirit of God though Legend Takaro has been practicing in the past, long before the earliest pioneers discovered our islands and named it ‘New Hebrides’ which today, after our independence becomes known as ‘Vanuatu.’”

The Chief is appealing to all young councillors within the Provinces and to all young leaders studying law and politics, so one day if they acquire a seat in the Parliament, they should keep in mind the custom story of the Kingfisher and the little yellow birds (a PENAMA folktale) which signified the “Past, Present and the Future.” It was told that during its flight, the Kingfisher noticed and felt he was being followed by the birds, the Kingfisher quickly swooped over the nearest tree and settled itself on a branch before turning back to check on its pursuers. Surprisingly, the yellow birds flew by, the Kingfisher then resumed its flight to complete its journey.

Chief Moliaute said the moral of the story is “it is best that the Government reviews the past, to be aware of what happened back then which could be of significance to what is currently happening today, our past holds the true meaning of our existence, we need to reconnect with our roots, to understand our history in order to build a better roadmap which can help increase economic growth after 40 years in the wilderness of Political Slavery.”

Chief Moliaute calls upon the Tanmonok (Chiefs) of Pentecost to solve the land dispute at Loltong and also to the Province in transfering any political desires of the four Honourable Respective MPs from Pentecost under the power of the Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas and the Minister of Climate Change, Ham Lini as a Political Propaganda of 2020.

“Sadly, that the Government’s decision to move the Ambaeans’ to a “second home” in Loltong is not beneficial to the people of PENAMA.

“Everyone within the 8 Constituencies of PENAMA needs a structural roadmap in order to gain economic-expansion, which can in-turn, open new relationships with countries abroad, for example RSE workers traveling to Australia and New Zealand.

The Maewo Chief further added that “Chiefs are the true original leaders of our nation Vanuatu, not the Government.”

“Any decision-makings at a national level requires consultation from Chiefs and the people from all 52 Constituencies.”

Chief Moliaute’s concerns are stronlgy supported by all Chiefs from Ambae and Maewo as well as Land owners from Saratamata.

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