Cheated kava dealer looking for two honest customers

Samuel Paul 23, of Mavun Village in the Northern Town of Luganville is an ambitious kava dealer is in Port Vila to collect over Vt2 million in payment for his 25 bags of kava.

His customer has not kept his business promise to settle his side of the bargain after the young kava dealer from Luganville had sent him his latest quantity of green kava.

Paul is not a newcomer to Port Vila saying he has relatives in the Capital and he travels to and fro on a regular basis. “I have met my customer who has failed to pay for my 16 bags of kava, all of which are valued at over Vt2 million”, he says.

Asked how confident he is at getting the monetary payment for his kava, Samuel says the last resort is for him to go to the police which he hopes he won’t need to go that far.

Meanwhile he is also looking for two more honest kava dealers to replace the last one.

While he buys kava in Luganville, he is also a kava farmer and has over 2,000 plants in the ground which will mature within the next two years.

He says, “Currently what I do is buy fresh kava from farmers in the garden. I have my own truck and drive to his farm with a scale and weigh each trunk and pay cash on the spot.

“My method is to keep the ball rolling but it has stopped slightly as a result of the failure of my customer to pay me.

“I am taking my latest challenge as my springboard to be more specific in selecting my customers. I need two more customers. My mobile number is 5475696 and I want to meet and select them in person because my first customer was selected through a middleman”.

He is impressed with the amount of kava consumed in Port Vila and is confident to be able to buy and send up to ten bags of kava to a trusted dealer in Port Vila.

To former secondary school students who cannot continue their education for lack of financial support, he says, “Most of you have access to your custom plot of land. Instead of leaving home for the nearest town, stay home and do what I do which is tilling the land and turning it into cash”.

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