A new charitable organization has been established with the aim of providing care and support to help mothers who are affected with breast and cervix cancer in Vanuatu.

Ikcana is the name of the Organization and it is derived from two different words Ik and cana. Ik is a Tannese word that means (you) and Cana means (us) in the locol dialect on northwest Malekula.

Two young men who are members of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Pango shared the story which could be the first ever organization established to help cancer victims in the country.

Max Albert, the man behind the Ikcana organization told the Daily Post that they will be working closely with the Family Health Department (FHD) on this particular project.

“Once a patient has been identified as a cancer patient by the FHD, our duty is to help with all the necessary logistics for travel arrangements and accommodation to ensure she arrives in Port Vila to undergo further medical treatment while we take care of her,” Albert explained.

One of Albert’s friends who approached the local media on this unique project had lost her mum to cancer, “and that is why he wanted to help other mothers in the country”.

Albert said during the stay of the victims there will be different trainings provided to help up-skill the victims.

He said when mothers return home after their trainings they can utilize the trainings to help them make an income for their families and for future travellings to Port Vila if they need to get medical treatments.

The organization is looking at operating at the end of this year or early 2017.

The Organization held its first ever awareness at the main Market house area in Port Vila yesterday.

Albert is urging everyone around Port Vila to work closely with the Organization by means of donation or any support to help mothers who are suffering from cancer in the country.

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