Charitable organization appeals for support

President of Ikkana Cancer Charitable Organization Albert (right) presenting his Vt100,000 contribution to members

By Anita Roberts

Ikkana, a newly established charitable organization in Port Vila with aim to support rural women in the fight against breast and cervical cancer, is appealing for public support.

The organization is facing financial constraints reaching out to communities.

President of the Ikkana Charitable Organization, Max Albert, said they tried to seek MPs for help but were unsuccessful.

As part of their first project this year, Albert and members were to go to Ambrym and make awareness but at the same time, find women who may be suffering from cancer and bring them to Port Vila for check-up.

They found out a lot of women need help. But Albert said they could not bring everyone to Vila because they do not have enough money.

“We decided to change the plan. Instead of bringing them here, we will get nurses to travel there to do check up on them, which is not too expensive for us (the organization),” he said.

On Monday next week, Albert will be leaving Port Vila for Ambrym with some nurses from the Vanuatu Family Health Association (VFHA).

Together with other medical staff on the island, they will do public screening in communities from north-east to the west.

To ensure the outreach happens, the president has donated Vt100,000 to the organization as his own contribution.

His first contribution was Vt170,000. Albert, from Malekula, is a hotel entertainer.

The loss of his mother, who suffered from a swelling on her body motivated the musician to do something to save the lives of other women suffering from cancer.

Cancer is killing a lot of women in Vanuatu, Albert stressed.

“There is not enough awareness.

“We found out a lot of rural women do not know what cancer is, its signs and causes.

“A lot are at risk and do not have access to screening facilities.”

The young cancer charitable organization plans to organize a fundraising event soon to raise funds for projects.

President Max is requesting the public to support and contribute in the campaign to save lives.

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