Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh handing over the sword of command to newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Albert Nalpini

Newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Albert Nalpini, has completed the formalities of acquiring command of the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) when the sword of command was handed over to him yesterday morning by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh. After receiving the Commissioner’s sword of command, Nalpini outlined his plan which is to tackle the current challenges faced by the VPF and bring about change that will restore the principle pillars of policing.

Commissioner Nalpini stated that within a few weeks his office will issue a 100 days plan to address certain priority areas, some of which were raised by the President during Nalpini’s appointment.

“It is not easy to achieve goals; it requires commitment, dedication, willingness and working in togetherness,” said the New Police Commissioner.

“VPF through its challenges requires everyone to work cooperatively with common understanding to cause change within the organization.

“Change is imminent.”

His immediate priority attention is to build a force that is united reflecting one command in order to bring back trust and confidence on the notion of groupings within the Force.

“A Force that is disciplined, independent, transparent and accountable, capable, modern and fairly represented.”

Nalpini also note that he is mindful of the challenges that the VPF has been going through. He noted the financial status of the Force, aging and retirement, irregularities stated by the President during his appointment and limited logistical supports.

Nalpini stated that external challenges that will need to be addressed include political influence and importantly the transition of the office of the Commission.

Having gone through a legal battle for around 10 months to get into office, the new Commissioner pointed out that it is the former Commissioner that should have handed over the sword to command.

He assured the government and the people of the Republic of Vanuatu that he will do his best to do everything possible to deliver the services required by laws to effectively drive the Force forward.

“During the course of this appointment I will stand to defend the law at all costs,” said Nalpini.

To his fellow officers he said being an officer is not an appointment but a calling.

“Therefore, let us all serve our nation and our people and visiting friends with pride, dignity, respect and professionalism.

“Let us not look back at the failures of yesterday, but let us work together now to build a better Force for tomorrow.

“Let us not dwell on yesterday’s failures but let those failures become stepping stones for us to move on.

“This is when change comes, acknowledgment comes, trust and confidence comes.”

In order to address the task set before him, Nalpini calls on the Government to support VPF financially to meet its plans.

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