A group of students putting out an outstanding performance. Photo: Central School

By Glenda Willie

The first ever organized cultural Night show at Central School on June 8-9 has turned out a success.

With a population of over 1,000 students with majority of its pupils living in Port Vila, the two night shows provided the opportunity for the students to showcase their culture and tradition, but, importantly, engage them in cultural activities that could educate them about culture and heritage as being part of their identity.

Parents and members of the public were also impressed at the performances displayed by the students and few parents have commented on the success of the show.

“How I would've loved to be a student participant during my days at Central School, but boy, I am grateful just being part of the audience; energy, excitement, anticipation, participation, perspiration and all! It's day after the concert and still a point of discussion at the family dinner table.

Well done students, teachers, parents and the wider Central School community! You have set a benchmark that is hard to beat! Awesome seeing and feeling the students’ identities come alive through their energy and passion!”

Another parent said, “Thank you to the school committee and teachers for organising the kids. My kids enjoyed themselves and experienced what it was like to take part in their cultural dances. They loved it. I especially enjoyed the whole show. Central School you certainly out did yourselves this year. Keep up the fantastic work.”

Celebrated with the theme, “My Language, My Treasure” the two night shows attracted over 1000 people and raising Vt1.8 million vatu from food sale, raffle tickets and entrance fee. According to Mr. Jones Nimbwen, Chairman of Central School Culture Night, money raised during these two night event will go towards development of the school.

With the successful outcome of this cultural show, Central school is encouraging other schools to use such initiatives to promote culture in their school activities.

Speaking on behalf of the show’s organizing committee, Nimbwen wished to thank all the people who have given up their time to spend with the students, shared their knowledge on the different types of cultural ideas that were highlighted by the students during the shows.

Words of appreciation were also extended to all the major sponsors who were mostly business houses in Port Vila and not forgetting the Fijian community and the Chinese community for sponsoring the culture night.

Parents, teachers, student, members of the public, and the media are also acknowledged for being part of the success of the show.

Nimbwen wished to convey a massive thank you to everyone mentioned above to have contributed in a way or another towards the two night shows and making it a memorable and outstanding one.

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