DPM Natuman(l) and Deputy GM Cellovila Wagner (r) during the tour of the factory, flanked by government and Trade Department officials.

The Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman, in his capacity, as Minister of Trade and Industry, visited Cellovila, the manufacturer of toilet paper and plastics in Tebakor, Port Vila, Thursday last week.

He was shown around the various production and packaging sections by the Deputy General Manager Jean-Marie Wagner.

Pausing from section to section from the starting line to the finishing line and packaging of the Cellovila factory, Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman, said he was proud to see an Industry such as Celovilla, is well established and making a business milestone amongst other Industries in the country.

“I was very impressed to note that Cellovila is producing 25,000 toilet papers per day and employing some 27 staff with a promising future outlook to hire more staff as the company continues to grow.

“I am also pleased to note from the Company Deputy General Manager that Cellovila is not only marketing its product locally, but is already marketing its product regionally and this is very encouraging for country of Vanuatu,” Natuman commented at the end of the tour of the Cellovila factory. He said the company aims to satisfy the local market and then strengthens the regional markets, is encouraging to the government.

The Deputy General Manager Jean-Marie Wagner confirmed to the deputy prime minister and his delegation during the tour of the Cellovila toilet paper and plastics factory that the first export shipments of 70,000 toilet papers have already been exported to New Caledonia in a 40-foot container.

He also revealed that seven more 40-foot containers will be leaving Vanuatu for Noumea at the end of April, 2017 which will total 490,000 in the next shipment to New Caledonia.

A further shipment of 16 x 40 feet containers will leave Vanuatu for New Caledonia in May of this year, and the company is looking forward to continued regular export of Cellovila toilet paper to New Caledonia thereafter.

Upon learning of the export of the Cellovila toilet paper to New Caledonia, the Minister of Trade and Industry told the company’s Deputy General Manager that he will advise the Department of Trade under his ministry to negotiate with the Solomon Islands under the MSG Trade Agreement, for Cellovila to export its products to the Solomon Islands, subject to the requirements under the MSG Trade Agreement.

“It is the role of the Government under my portfolio to exploit every avenue to promote more industries of various types in Vanuatu for both local and regional markets.

“The more industries establish here in Vanuatu, the more employment opportunities will open up for our people and in turn benefit not only those employed in such industries as Cellovila but assist extended members of the families as well as growing Vanuatu economy,” said Natuman.

The Cellovila Deputy GM expressed the company’s appreciation to the DPM Natuman, during the tour of the Cellovila factory, for the foresight on the part of the Government to grant Cellovila duty exemptions on raw materials the company uses to produce toilet paper that are imported from Indonesia and China.

He said with the exemptions of duty on the imported raw materials, it allows for the company to expand its operations and production as well equally importantly employ more staff now and projecting for increase of staff when the company expands its business wings.

“Cellovila wishes to express its appreciation and thank you to; HXM, Esah Corporation, Food Stuff, and Chuan Store for their support to Cellovila local Industry in purchasing the toilet paper products that are sold to the locals.

“This is encouraging for Cellovila manufacturer of toilet paper and plastics,” said Wagner.

At the end of the tour Natuman told the Deputy GM that he will recommend to the Public Service Commission for all the Government Ministries and Departments to purchase toilet paper from Cellovila, because, he said, supporting the local industry that employs the local people and provide help to their families in many family needs.

“This is what we mean by supporting local industries because they in turn provide employment opportunities to our people that go a long way in extending that help to other family members and the local economy,” he assured.

Natuman, went on to assure Cellovila that on completion of the Lapita wharf and when Port Vila receives more cruise ships and tourists, he will negotiate through the normal channels for the tourist ships to purchase toilet paper supplies from Cellovila when calling into the Vanuatu’s capital.

“Although Cellovila is not using the modern high technology of production equipment to produce toilet paper and plastics, yet the production equipment we have at present produces high quality product and we are happy and satisfied with this,” said Wagner.

He assured the DPM Natuman that the company will continue to expand and consolidate and remain one of the Vanuatu Industry to benefit the people and the country.

In his conclusion remarks, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Trade and Industry, Joe Natuman, said the present Government will continue to support the company and all other industries and businesses in the country and continue to encourage more industries into Vanuatu.

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