Cave woman story false: Authorities

Rumours throughout Port Vila and on social media over the week and yesterday that a woman, linked to a missing plane, was found living in a cave

somewhere in North Malekula with long overgrown hair and fingernails, have been dismissed by Police in Lakatoro, as unfounded, false and untrue.

The rumours had it that a woman was found living in a cave in North Malekula, who could not talk but only responded to questions by nodding her head.

It was alleged that her hair was overgrown and run down to her knee.

It was also rumoured that her fingernails were very long.

Some comments on social media suggest that she had never seen light but her task, when found was weaving mats, according to rumours that circulated throughout the capital Port Vila, and Efate spreading further by Vanuatu social media users.

The Daily Post spoke to the Police Officers in Lakatoro, Malampa Province, who said they never picked up such weird information over the past weeks nor this week and dismissed the information as ‘rumours, false, untrue and unfounded’.

The Daily Post also spoke to some people in North Malekula, where rumours alleged the woman was being kept awaiting a ship to go to Luganville, Santo, for a bath in the Holy Water, as weird, and false and unfounded.

One person in North Malekula whom the Daily Post reached by phone yesterday, dismissed the information as untrue and false.

He said: “Those who make up the story should come forward with the photo of the woman or actually lead her to the police and the local authorities.”

Such rumours pertaining to this should and must be stopped, authorities say.

The Vanuatu Cultural Centre staff also commented that if the story was true, the Centre would have been one of the first institution to know, but as of yesterday, the centre heard of the rumors but without substance.

It is false and untrue, a centre staff told the Daily Post.

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