The people of Rangorango who live on the plateau above Port Vila International Airport have caught more than two birds with one stone, with the visit of the Secretary General (SG) of Shefa Province, Michel Kalworai

and his staff when they delivered fifteen sheets of corrugated iron roof to a representative of the chief and his people.

Rangorango is part of the Tanvasoko area council,which requested help through the village health worker programme in 2016.

The SG’s solid network with the Province’s partners meant he was able to fulfill their requests two days ago.

While health and education remain a priority, he also encouraged them to build the market house in order for the mothers to use the shelter to sell their garden produce to fund the education of their children.

He advised, “You mamas must form an association to link up with Shefa’s Market for Change programme which works closely with UN Women and UNDP”.

Cyclone Pam is a blessing in disguise because funding for the roofing sheets is provided under the Shefa TC Pam recovery and rehabilitation project.

Not only that but earnings from the market house will also improve the welfare of the mothers as the managers of the home. “This is to ensure that individual families are healthy to promote a wealthy community at Rangorango”, he said.

Five pieces of corrugated iron roof will go towards building the Rangorango Aid Post and the remaining five will go towards building the Rangorango Kindergarten.

“We at Shefa are committed to supporting the early education of children which explains why we want to see your kindy amalgamated with your market house and aid post”, he said.

“You must identify a girl or boy to be trained to man your aid post and another to teach at your kindy. Both their trainings will be coordinated through Shefa Education and Shefa Heath”.

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