Caroline Bay celebrates 50th Anniversary

In 1967, the Nagriamel Movement whose Headquarters was, and is still at Fanafo on Santo, decided to set up, a second base elsewhere in the then New Hebrides (Vanuatu).

With the support of the Nagriamel members in a South-West part of Malekula, they agree for a second headuarter to be established in that area now called Caroline Bay.

In 1967, a village was established by the members of the Nagriamel Movement in Caroline Bay. By 1973, a French Primary School was established at Caroline Bay by the then the French Administration in the then New Hebrides.

Today, Caroline Bay has an estimated population of over 100 people; men, women and children in 42 households.

Apart of the Primary School in Caroline Bay, a church was established in 1976 and today it is known as the CMC Ministry.

The tribe of people, who now make up the population of Caroline Bay, originally come from the Small Nambas tribe that once populated the highest mountains of the largest geographical part of Malekula and later moved down to the coastal areas of the Southwest part of the Island.

The mainstay of Caroline Bay economy are; copra production, cocoa, kava, taro and fish which form the daily basis of the village diet.

The Village Community’s 50th anniversary celebration commences on the 12th of December and continues to the 17th, a week long festivities of the new church building, opening of the reef and offshore fishing to allow villagers to hunt for sea food after banning for some time, and many other activities.

The 50th Anniversary Coordinator, Channel Malai, said Government and local dignitaries from Port Vila and in Nagriamel headquarters in Fanafo and throughout the country have been invited to attend.

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