Call to support south-east Ambrym water project

People from Ambrym, particularly south-east, residing in Port Vila are asked to support the implementation of a water project on their island.

They are requested to attend and contribute during thanks-giving tomorrow (Sunday) in church at Ohlen Freshwind.

Those that missed out are informed that another thanks-giving will be held after church at the south-east Ambrym community of Beverly Hills at 3pm.

This water project, once completed will supply water through taps to 14 communities for the first time after many years of struggle, said the Chairman and Secretary of the South-east Ambrym Water Project Organizing Committee in Port Vila, Willie Abiut and Shemi Joel.

All water materials such as water tanks and pipes are supplied by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), a humanitarian organization in Vanuatu that is funding the project.

While the community is delivering labour, Chairman Abiut and Secretary Joel, are urging targeted communities to support locals that have been helping to connect the project through villages since January this year.

Water will be sourced from a creek at Endu, near the volcano through pipes stretching kilometers overflowing into storage tanks before flowing to communities.

Communities that will be benefiting from the project are Taviak, Utas, Movu, Shahaout, Bethel, Maat, Penapo, Toak, Ulei, Paamal, Sameon, Assee, Endu and Bareas.

For communities like Taviak, this would be their first proper water system after many years of relying on underground sources and coastal streams.

A similar project to connect villages on south-east Ambrym facilitated by the government did not last for a long time, Abiut and Joel have stressed.

The current project is expected to be completed by July. ADRA is applauded for recognizing the need for these rural communities on Ambrym.

To ensure that the project meets deadline and for families to start accessing clean water at door steps, residents in Port Vila are encouraged to assist in tomorrow’s thanks-givings.

Members of the south-east Ambrym water project organizing members in Port Vila can be reached on mobile numbers : 5670853 (Secretary Joel), 7393180 (Chairman Abiut) and Terry Tulang on 7790210.

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