UPNG main campus. Students covered in mud showing their respect to their fellow colleagues who are currently at the hospital beds. Photo: Kraip Nengna

A Vanuatu student studying

in Goroka in Papua New Guinea has called on the Vanuatu Government to repatriate Vanuatu students back to Vanuatu, as he reported fresh clashes between students began escalating again as of Monday this week.

This public appeal was made yesterday through the popular facebook social pages Yumi Toktok Stret and Yu Save Seh.

The student pleaded for the Vanuatu Government to repatriate them for their safety.

He said there were fresh clashes yesterday at the University of Technology in Lae (UNITECH) and on Monday there were clashes at the University of Goroka.

The Acting Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yvon Basil told the Daily Post yesterday evening that he spoke to one of the students at the University of Goroka and the student told him by phone that all 21 students studying that Goroka University together with the Solomon Islands students are taking refuge with one of the patron and are safe awaiting decisions from Vanuatu while the situation is tense.

He added that the Council of Ministers will be briefed today on the update situation for a decision to be made.

The Foreign Affairs DG, Yvon Basil, assures parents that all Vanuatu students are safe while the Vanuatu Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains close contacts with the PNG Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure Vanuatu students’ safety.

With the latest information received, the Daily Post understands that there are 5 students studying at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), 9 students at the Lae UNITECH, 6 students at the Medical Faculty of Papua New Guinea and the latest information shows there are 21 Vanuatu students studying at the University of Goroka. This puts the total numbers of all Vanuatu students studying in different institutions in Papua New Guinea at 41.

In the meantime, the Council of Ministers is expected to make decision today as to what steps the Government will take in regard to the safety of the Vanuatu students in Papua New Guinea.

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