Call for Applications for the Andy Lynch and Hanson Mataskelekele Awards

2018 Andy Lynch Awards recipient Jenny Nierre.

Members of the public are invited to nominate eligible women for two awards, to be announced in the award ceremony hosted by the Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin, on Wednesday 6 March 2019 to mark International Women’s Day 2019:

1. The Andy Lynch Award for Excellence in the Community Sector

2. The Hanson Mataskelekele Award for Women in Leadership

These awards are funded by the Australian Government to recognise the leadership and active participation of women in Vanuatu society. They are a joint initiative of the Lynch and Mataskelekele families and the Australian High Commission.

For the Andy Lynch Award for Excellence in the Community Sector the nominee should have a demonstrated commitment to building stronger and sustainable communities in Vanuatu.

For the Hanson Mataskelekele Award for Women in Leadership the nominee should have demonstrated on-going strong skills in leadership.

Submissions close on 25 February 2019 and can be sent to the Public Affairs Team at the Australian High Commission (P.O. Box 111, Port Vila), emailed to or sent as a private message through the Australian High Commission, Vanuatu Facebook page. Submissions should explain in a minimum of 250 words why the nominee deserves the award. Nominees must not be a previous award winner. For more information, please call the Public Affairs Team at the Australian High Commission on 22777.

If the award winner is from outside Port Vila, the Australian Government will pay for a return fare to attend the award ceremony in Port Vila on Wednesday 6 March.

Each year the world celebrates International Women’s Day, which is dedicated to all women wherever they live, whatever their conditions. International Women’s Day was created by the United Nations to promote and protect the equal rights of women and to celebrate the courage and determination of ordinary women who play extraordinary roles in our community.

Hanson Mataskelekele was a teacher and former first lady who advanced women’s rights and women’s leadership. Andy Lynch was a strong advocate for equality and particularly for people living with disability.

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