Bzzworld Launches First Ever Online Shopping Mall in Vanuatu

Jason Huang, Oceania Regional Manager and Oh Chee Meng, Grand Mentor of FFG

With the capability of purchasing one’s product through just one click, Bzzworld has finally reached Vanuatu shores to launch their e-market platform, giving members of the public the opportunity to step into the future business world.

Bzzworld is an online shopping mall that dares to give its customers the lowest price guarantee.

With promises of real high quality products directly imported from overseas, the latest fashion trends and merchandises of good value, Bzzworld Vanuatu will assure each customers endure a pleasant shopping experience with warm customer service.

Oceania Regional Manager, Jason Huang said that Bzzworld Vanuatu will also partner with local businesses to build relationships with local investors so they can also sell their merchandise online.

“The benefits from this e-market is the fair price and valuable products to be sold,” he said Every item on Bzzworld is carefully selected or specially customised.

JM International accounts manager in Vanuatu, Lily Kalnagis said that the Bzzworld launching is the second platform launched globally and in Vanuatu. She also mentioned that it is a first for an online business market to be launched in Vanuatu.

Ms Kalnagis conveyed that they chose April to launch Bzzworld because they are also celebrating the one-year anniversary of the first platform, JM International which was launched in PNG last year and now the second platform is launched in Vanuatu.

“JM International is internet marketing,” she said. “When you become a member, you get to benefit from two sides of the coin - health benefits and business opportunities.

“Today’s launching is about educating and providing awareness to the people.

“It educates people on how to conserve time by shopping online. “It seeks to address time consuming issues in shopping malls because via online shopping, Bzzworld will deliver your items right at your door steps with just a click away from your product via phone or laptop. All you have to do is go online, choose your products and we deliver.

“We already have a Bzzworld office set up in Vanuatu, called the Majestic Ozone Vanuatu, which will facilitate all products purchased online and will deliver for you.”

Ms Kalnagis further commented that the outcome of Tuesday’s gathering at the Conventional Center saw a lot of interested individuals attending the launching.

She said it is time Vanuatu gets involved in online shopping, emphasising that it is much quicker, safer and easier.

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