Heralding Christmas

Street Sale Heralding Christmas

By Godwin Ligo

This month has been the busiest to date for Port Vila.

There’s the Pacific Mini Games now attracting thousands of fans both local and from overseas, the national parliament to meet on Monday next and bringing in 52 MPs from throughout the country, then there’s the Fest Napuan that begins today, the huge staging of carols by candlelight, and the early Christmas shopping that witnesses hundreds of shoppers flocking into Port Vila every day, all adding to make December 2017 the busiest month ever.

Last night, Vanuatu witnessed the arrival of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Rely to the Republic of Vanuatu.

The movements of people and events in Vanuatu, especially Port Vila is evident through the turn out of spectators at various venues each day, as the Pacific Mini Games is progresses through its 5th day.

The Chinese shops in the main centre of Port Vila, are crowed with shoppers every day since the beginning of last week. The main local food and vegetable market in Port Vila centre is flooded with local food and vegetables.

Banks, airlines, ships and shops are busy every day receiving hundreds of clients and the movements of people between the townships of Port Vila and the rural Vanuatu.

“This is probably the busiest time ever in the history of Vanuatu, as far as you can see from everywhere you go and any direction you look, throughout Port Vila town.

“The vehicle movement too, is busier than ever,” one pedestrian told the Daily Post in the street of Port Vila.

The tourists too coming in by sea, even for a day, boost the population of Port Vila, he added.

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