Burning Pam Fundraiser. Photo: Burning Pam Facebook Page

Fern Napwatt

The Burning Pam Fundraiser is hosting another fundraiser today (Saturday) for Afec Community water supply at Whitesand area.

James Langdale who spoke on behalf of the Burning Pam committee said that this year, the committee has decided to raise funds to support the Afec community that was displaced after being evicted at the Nambatri Area last year. “This fundraiser will help to raise money that will fund the digging of a water hole by the government department responsible and to also purchase a water pump for the people of Afec community at Whitesands area, who currently do not have access to water,” he said.

“There will be entertainment by groups such as Konfliction, Smol Fyah and a couple of DJs- there will be food as well as kava and drinks on sale.” Mr Langdale said that the fundraiser will take place today at Eratap, where they usually have the events.

“The main idea behind these fundraisers since it started after Pam, is bringing communities together for a good cause,” he said. The Burning Pam started its fundraiser in 2015 after TC Pam where people brought together pieces of timber from houses that were destroyed, burnt in a bonfire and in last year 2016, Burning Pam raised Vt200,000 for the victims of TC Winston in Fiji. “This is a platform that we use to raise funds for those who are in need,” said Mr Langdale.

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