BSP assists Silae Vanua

Lina Niatu, Manager Agent Banking shaking hands with Mrs. Eslin Solomon President of Silae Vanua

Market Vendors Association and its executives after the signing of their partnership agreement for 2017.

Bank South Pacific (Vanuatu) has come on board to support the Silae Vanua Market Vendors Association to host their 1st Annual General Meeting at the National Convention Centre in Port Vila.

This important event will gather over 3000 of its subscribed members for its meeting.

BSP presented Vt300,000 toward the staging of this event. BSP is keen to be a part of the community, by carrying out Financial Literacy Trainings, supporting small business developments and initiatives that will leave lasting changes in the community.

“Our support to the Silae Vanua Market Vendors, promotes the organisation’s aim to assist small businesses and facilitate financial literacy,” said Head of Retail & Marketing, Ms Moana Korikalo.

Silae Vanua Market Vendors Association was established on July 3, 2015 formed by a group of market vendors farmers who supply produce to the Port Vila Central Market.

It is mostly made up of women who help each other to grow their market business and make sure the market is a safe and comfortable place to work.

“This year marks the 1st Annual General Meeting as prescribed in the association’s constitution to be held on November 30, 2016 to be held in Port Vila.

“We’re pleased to have the support of Bank South Pacific who has showed confidence and support in the Association, ” said Eslin Solomon President, Silae Vanua Market Vendors Association.

BSP’s sponsorship and donations focuses on many aspects of the community such as Health, Education, Sports and Environment and professional development. It contributes over $361 Thousand (USD) across the Pacific, in the countries it operates in.

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