Sarabulu Churches of Church is Venue for Penama Day Celebration

All citizens of Penama are encouraged to bring along cooked food and bread and juice to share with everyone to mark Penama Day at Sarabulu Churches of Christ Church above Harbour View Restaurant on December 16 this Sunday.

All Penamans are reminded that they are “a great people” and have contributed greatly in all areas of development of the Republic of Vanuatu. “We Penamans are strong and determined and contributed well in sports in the past, in business, politics and our Province has contributed well towards all development goals”, spokesman Humphrey Tamata says.

“However the people of Penama have experienced substantial challenges in life which contributed to losing our focus and strength, passion, vision, dreams and the drive through which Vanuatu has recognised Penama”.

Based on all those, the theme of the Celebration Day focuses on the importance to rekindle the spirit of all Penamans to rise up with a new spirit to succeed in all that they do.

Youths of AOG, Anglican Church, Apostolic Church, Catholic Church, Church of Christ and SDA Church, are encouraged to bring a loaf of bread, coffee, tea, milk and butter.

Students are encouraged to bring paper plates, plastic cups and join the public servants to organise the event.

“Last but not least you can get your Penama Day t-shirt from Lango Store opposite USP or from the Malvatumauri complex: Large –Vt1000, Medium – Vt600 and Small – Vt500”, says Spokesman Tamata.

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