The Bouffa dump site in Etas area is reportedly in a very poor state as emerging reports have it that wastes and rubbish dumped there are poorly managed despite efforts to use appropriate waste management methods.

It is alleged the issue of negligence in waste handling and management practice and this careless attitude is creating health risk concerns.

The Daily Post has received reports of alleged improper and unprofessional control and management of the dump site resulting in this very poor state.

It has been alleged that sewage trucks could no longer reach the human waste treatment plant because of the mountains of rubbish, so the sewage vehicles have no choice but to spray over the rubbish instead which is very unethical and unsafe for the environment and everyone according to a dump site expert.

Another issue revealed is the alleged burning of rubbish, sending out toxic fumes causing health problems for the residents nearby.

The Daily Post visited the dump site yesterday morning and it appears that the mountains of rubbish begin right at the entrance to the dumping site. This is a big difference from what it used to be before where most rubbish and wastes are buried and only small piles of rubbish are visible in the middle of the dump site.

The Daily Post spoke to one worker yesterday at the dump site and he denied rubbish being burnt there.

Despite that, an expert who knows very well about the Bouffa dump site revealed that it has been poorly managed.

He said sewage vehicles can no longer dispose waste at the treatment plant because of the mountains of rubbish stopping vehicle from passing.

The Daily Post spoke to an officer at the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) who is responsible for the dump site but she refuse to comment.

While these concerns have been raised calling for appropriate authorities to take action and correct the wrong practice, it is alleged two officers working for the PVMC who have been well-trained by JICA to oversee the management of waste and rubbish at a dump site have been suspended.

It was not known at this stage if the current workers at the dump site have the experience and expertise to manage the dump site.

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