Blacksand chief apologizes to driver for incident

“I’m sorry”, Chief Manuariki says after being informed a stone was allegedly thrown at a passing vehicle at Blacksand recently

The Chairman of the Blacksand Council of Chiefs, Chief Edward Kalbilelu Manuariki, has offered an apology to a bus driver for an incident he (driver) encountered when driving through the area of Blacksand in Port Vila recently.

The driver claimed that a stone was thrown at his bus when he drove to the area last Saturday at around 9pm.

He said he did not who threw the stone.

The driver reportedly said he had heard about stones being thrown at passing vehicles at the area before and now believes it after his first encounter last Saturday.

Chief Manuariki who apologized to the driver for the incident urged all vehicle drivers to report such incidents to him in the future so that he and his council can find out who is at fault and deal with the situation.

Blacksand Council of Chiefs has been taking steps to prevent the youth in the area from engaging in social problems such as drugs, he said.

The chief said they have a by-law recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Community Service (MOJCS) to guide them in stopping social problems and to make Blacksand a safe community.

Shefa Councilor Sam Kiri for Tanvasoko area which covers Blacksand admitted that such attitudes of throwing stones at passing vehicles and stopping vehicles just to ask for money are still occurring at Blacksands.

He said there needs to be more awareness to tackle these social problems.

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