The Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaiah, yesterday opened a one-day workshop in Luganville

where members of the private sector and provincial authorities came together to deliberate on bio-security policies within the country.

The one-day workshop allowed for the different stakeholders that participated to share their ideas on what they think the bio-security should be doing, how it should be done and why it should be done.

A similar workshop and consultation was reportedly conducted on the island of Tanna and the one taking place in Luganville involves all the provincial heads from Malampa, Penama, Sanma, Luganville and Torba.

Director for Bio-Security in Vanuatu, Timothy Tumukon, told the Daily Post that the policy discussion began with a consultation and the workshop is part of the program to get ideas from the stakeholders that can be included in the new policy document.

He said other areas being considered for inclusion in the new policy document are the border control managements, the limitation of funding within the sector and the lack of qualified human resources available to carry out the government service.

Bradley Woods who represented the private sector in Luganville applauded the government for the initiative however, agreed that the government needs to improve the bio-security services into other provincial areas.

“We are pleased with the government to invite us to be part of this important consultation.

“It is now time the government need to look at having a facility in Luganville.

“We want to import different plant species into Luganville but it is very hard.

“We need a facility here so we can develop new species to help the agriculture sector while on the other hand boost the food security in the country,” Wood told the Daily Post on phone yesterday.

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