Trainers, pastors and attendants with Founder and National Director, Pastor Kaltabang (centre) front row

Founder and National Director of Baptist Church Vanuatu, Pastor Fuel Kalonsem Kaltabang is confident the seed has been sown for the number of churches to increase on Mainland Santo as well as on Efate.

The Baptist Church has approximately 600 members located in Malo, Mainland Santo, Malekula, Epi and Efate and is growing fast.

A group of trainers from the Baptist Church in Rockhamton in Central Queensland, Australia, has been running a week-long training programme for church leaders at Freshwater 5.

Elder Michael explains, “We want to be able to teach and empower local leaders to return to their communities to teach their people about church health including marriage, discipline and the role of various leaders within the churches.

“We provide teaching on health because we want to provide holistic training as we want church leaders to be healthy both physically and spiritually which is why we include nurses on our team and this year, we have even brought a trainee doctor with us”.

While they are not here to diagnose patients, he says they are here to help local leaders have a healthy life style and to recognise when they need to seek professional help.

He says illnesses like diabetes are on the rise and his team wants to help people to recognise the symptoms early in order for people to take appropriate steps to address them.

“For the first time this year, we are looking at men’s health and women’s health where we have women talk about women’s health and men talk about men’s health”, he continues.

The current training brochure — ‘Vanuatu leadership Training July 5-12 2018’ is written in simple English to be followed and understood by the local trainers and participants.

“We try not to use fancy technologies because we know that out in the islands there is no power so we feel that producing these books is the best way to use to deliver training in the islands”, he says.

The training is ending today and the team is expected to return to continue the training this time next year.

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