Contrary to the Bangladesh Government's intentions to repatriate its citizens (after confirmed that is), Bangladeshi worker Kamrul Hasan, who is part of the 101 Bangladeshi workers currently stranded in Vanuatu says he does not want to go back home.

Mr. Hasan explained: “I don’t want to go back Bangladesh because now I am here facing financial problems. When I came, I took a loan from bank and borrowed money from relatives, I sold my property and my business shutdown, I come here I have no income source right now, so if I go back home, I will not help my family.”

With bank debts, unpaid loans and possibly family-shaming waiting for him at home, the ill-conceived opportunist from South East Asia would rather stay in Vanuatu (or another country) than return to Bangladesh without a penny or in this case Vatu, to his name.

“I’m looking forward to the government of Vanuatu if they help me or resettle me to another donor country so that it would be helpful for me to maintain my family,” Mr. Hasan pleaded.

Now in Vanuatu, living off provisions provided by the Vanuatu Police and a wide range of donors, the workers families are continuously asking when they’re going to return.

With the answer pending on the court ruling of the Mr. Price owners, the Bangladeshi workers are ever so optimistic with their answers, saying it will only be a few more months, however, debts ranging from VT1.5M is the inevitable outcome, says another worker, Shahin Khan.

“I owe 8 Lakh Taka (VT 1.3M) from Bangladesh, I took loan from bank and the money I earned from selling my business is about 10 Laks Taka (VT 1.5M). I lost my business which was VT20M loss, when I was at home, I was supporting my family with my business income, once I came here, everything is stopped,” Mr. Khan and Hasan shared.

Hoodwinked and allegedly trafficked to another country, these workers' judgement is now entwined with the Mr. Price owners until the justice system says otherwise.

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