Australian aid

The setting up of Australian humanitarian supplies at evacuation centres.

Australian humanitarian supplies continue to arrive in Luganville and are being distributed to the evacuation centres sheltering the people of Ambae.

Three Royal Australian Air Force C-17 Globemasters landed in Luganville over the past week loaded with supplies of tents, solar lights, and water containers.

Assisting the Vanuatu Mobile Force and volunteers, the crew of the HMAS Huon gave a helping hand to put up tents and set up facilities at evacuation centres in Luganville, Santo.

On 6 October, the HMAS Huon departed for Port Vila, replaced by HMAS Choules.

HMAS Choules is carrying more supplies and personnel to assist with relief efforts and has the ability to produce large quantities of water for the displaced people.

“Australia is continuing to support the Vanuatu Government with its response to the Ambae volcano,” said Jenny Da Rin, Australian High Commissioner.

“The Australian military assets were requested by the Vanuatu Government and we will work at the direction of the Vanuatu provincial and national governments to ensure our aid is delivered to where it is needed most.

“The HMAS Choules and other military support are in addition to the A$250,000 that Australia has already made available to support affected communities,” said Ms Da Rin.

The Australian Government, together with its FRANZ partners, New Zealand and France, have been requested by the Vanuatu Government to help with relief efforts. Australia will continue to support the Vanuatu Government’s leadership in responding to this humanitarian crisis.

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