WW ll Museum Association Chairman Brad Wood

WWll Museum Association Chairman Brad Wood.

The Elwood J Euart Association has formally secured the 7,300 square-meters of land, earmarked for the South Pacific World War II Museum in Luganville,Santo.

“We are grateful for the support and cooperation from respective Government authorities, particularly from the Minister of Lands, who have assisted us through this important process, after the Museum Site lease signing with the Lord Mayor of Luganville Municipality and the Minister of Lands representing the Government of Vanuatu on 20th of May in 2016, now we have the Land,” the Elwood J Euart Association conveyed via the South Pacific WWII Newsletter Vol.2 No. 1 January 2017.

According to the statement, what makes the Museum site unique is that it will be located on a WWll historical site. The site where the Museum is to be constructed used to be the Patrol Torpedo (PT) Boat base during WWll. A concrete slab remaining from the surrounding buildings at the TP Boat base still remains today, which will be preserved and used to form part of the Museum’s concrete base when constructed.

There are visible PT Boats on the waterway along the Sarakata River. Upon completion of the Museum, the Sarakata River remains accessible where today there are visible relics of what used to construct the water way during WWll.

The PT is a torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the United States (US) navy in WWII.

“Having achieved an important milestone, of acquiring a registered land title for the Museum development, we are now working towards a mass-media launch of our fundraising campaign,”the Association stated.

“Part of preparatory works towards this launch will involve development of Museum’s website, a business and strategic plan, and a marketing and fundraising plan.

“While focusing on achieving our strategic goals and plans this year, we also aim to keep the general public, stakeholders and partners regularly informed of the Museum developments as well as educating our youth and interested followers and supporters about the historical significance of Espiritu Santo during WWll, particularly relating to the Pacific Theatre, through social media and out monthly newsletter.”

As part of the Association’s efforts towards increasing public awareness and fundraising, it will be developing two mini pop-up museums in Espiritu Santo. One is located at the Espiritu Hotel, at the Center of Luganville town, and another is to be located at the Pekoa International Airport.

Pekoa was first constructed during WWll as one of the three Bomber airbases on the island, that remains the only one still in use today. These mini Museums provide a glimpse of what the Museum aims to offer when completed, and to also support its fundraising efforts.

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