Assisting national TV to deliver NZ content

High Commissioner Roberts (centre front), VBTC management and technicians during the handover occasion Photo: NZ High Commission

By Anita Roberts

The Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Cooperation (VBTC) will be able to avoid technical issues faced before by its TV station now that the New Zealand Government (NZ) has announced support.

NZ Prime Minister in 2015 announced during the Pacific Islands Forum that pacific countries will be able to rebroadcast content from New Zealand at no cost to their local audiences, through Pasifika TV.

Pasifika TV is now delivering up to 8 hours per day of New Zealand oriented content (including sports, news, documentaries, and entertainment) via satellite to free-to-air Pacific broadcasters.

As part of this pacific broadcasting initiative, Pasifika TV commissioned a senior television engineer to visit pacific countries and report on ways NZ could help broadcast partners.

The outcome of the survey in Vanuatu includes providing test equipment and delivering on-site technical training and an exchange program where each year broadcast technicians or operations staff from Vanuatu will be placed with TVNZ, TV3, SKY and Maori Television. The test equipment were handed by High Commissioner Georgina Roberts, on behalf of Pasifika TV, to the VBTC Chair Johnety Jerethy last week.

This exchange initiative aims to inform, educate and educate people in Vanuatu about NZ, said the New Zealand High Commissioner in Vanuatu, Ms Roberts.

“I strongly believe Vanuatu will see great shows and sports from NZ.

““We want to continue to foster and develop the relationships we have with our Pacific Island neighbors. It’s an opportunity to showcase our culture and identity.”

VBTC technicians have been trained by a NZ technician adviser on how to use the new equipment.

It was noted that 2017 marks 10 years since VBTC and NZ first collaborated on broadcasting in Vanuatu.

Jerethy applauded the NZ government for addressing technical, training and local content issues.

Pasifika TV, which replaced TVNZ is owned by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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