Asphalt program to commence this week

RMS have commenced preparations for what will be the last major piece of work on Phase 1 of Port Vila Urban Development Project.

Pavement profiling commenced from Freswota Au Bon Marche (ABM) towards the Freswota Roundabout overnight last Wednesday. Profiling is the last step in preparation for the asphalt-laying operation, which is set to commence mid-late this week.

RMS Engineer, Mr. Jack McDonald, describes profiling “as the basis for new road profiles. It’s the last step before the asphalt is laid”.

“Profiling is the process of removing inconsistencies in the road’s profile to the specified depth in preparation for the final layer of asphalt”, Mr. McDonald continues.

“The profiling works will take place overnight for the next week; typically starting at 8pm and finishing at 5am, weather permitting.

“Road users are advised to expect delays during this period of work. RMS will endeavor to provide more detailed notices daily via email, radio, and the Vanuatu Bucket List mobile phone application”.

The works will continue from the Freswota Roundabout towards the USP roundabout before following Avenue Edmond Colardeau past the Tropical Roundabout to the end of the newly laid footpath, near Stret Price Nambatu. Afterwards, profiling will follow Teouma Street from the Freswota Roundabout to the Stade intersection and eventually through the Manples intersection to Tagabe.

During the profiling phase, RMS also plans to complete preparation of basecourse pavement at the USP roundabout and Manples, which has not been completed due to unsuitable weather.

The asphalt program is due to commence mid-late this week and expected to last approximately six weeks. The asphalt program will begin from Nambatu ABM and following the newly laid footpath all the way to Tagabe.

“Similar to the profiling, the asphalt works will be carried out overnight”, says Mr. McDonald. “During the asphalt laying operation, we strongly urge pedestrians to stand well clear of the works. Asphalt is placed at temperatures upward of 150 Degrees Celsius, which will cause severe burns to unprotected skin. Notices regarding the schedule of works will be shared with the community in due course”.

RMS once again thanks the public in advance for their patience and cooperation and looks forward to completing this important milestone.

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