A politician who is attached with a main political party in government and from Malampa Province could replace the current Head of State, President Iolu Abbil, when his term is over.

President Abbil’s term in office ends in September.

But from the tone of Prime Minister Joe Natuman’s speech on the 34th Independence Day, VP which led Vanuatu to Independence in 1980, may want someone who knows the concept of Melanesia and the politics of Independence.

And because Shefa, Tafea, and Penama, have already produced Head of States and it is only fair that the new President is from Malampa or Sanma.

Santo too has not had a Head of State.

But it’s not practically easy as said in the Electoral College which comprises the 52 MPs and six Presidents of the Provincial Councils and different Vanuatu political parties.

The last time the Electoral College was in session, nearly five years ago, it had to decide whether to vote for a woman President, a candidate from Santo, one from Pentecost, a former Head of State, and Tanna VP strongman Abbil.

But it could not arrive at a consensus and had to take three rounds of voting before Vanuatu had a new Head of State.

President Abbil won 41 votes, more than two-thirds of the votes.

It was the third attempt by the college to elect a new head of state in two days, after two earlier elections saw no one candidate attain the required two-thirds of the vote.

The Malampa presidential candidate is a former VP MP from Malekula.

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