Maybe one day when the planes swoop low to land at Port Vila Airport, the scene below is going to look like that above Sydney with all its red roof housing when a plane goes down to land at Sydney International Airport.

Paramount Chief Teriki Mantoi Kalsakau III of Ifira has said the view of Ifira Island will change big time with the completion of three hundred red-roof new homes that are going to be built on the island in the not to distant future.

The two latest models which are built on Barak Sope’s custom land are not only physically attractive but the new comer cannot wait to go inside to admire the modern, airy interior which resembles a VIP hotel room.

Minister of Lands and National Housing Corporation Ralph Regenvanu said the passing of Cyclone Pam had to take place in order to wake everyone up, to look at reorganising the way people live. “What we are seeing today is a classic example of what we have to do to take a new pathway towards securing the way we live our lives”, the Minister said.

“I take this opportunity to thank the Paramount Chief of Ifira for the custom ceremony he offered the Government, and I wish us all a successful outcome of what we are witnessing today”.

Vanuatu proposed honourary consul to Seoul, James Kang who is also the Chief Executive Officer of GRD Corporations Limited in Korea, said the impact of the cyclone is a turning point to allow the group to build cyclone resistant houses for the people.

While thanking his partners from America and Thailand for their involvement in the project, he said the beauty of the concept is that they have been training young ni-Vanuatu builders how to build the new houses using the materials that they provide.

He said they are sending 20 more young people to Thailand to train until July of this year, to build more new homes. “You are the witnesses of what kinds of material that are needed to bring to Vanuatu to build the new houses’, Kang said he told the young ni Vanuatu builders.

“This house is going to be your standard house”, he said and guaranteed that the project is going to compete successfully with other types of building materials currently being used on the market.

Chief Executive Officer of International Green Structures LLC of America Richard King said, “The house you see here today is made from a renewable material from wheat or rice whereby we buy the straw from the farmer then we heat and compress the straw to make it very durable. It’s a very durable house and it will last a life time.

“I challenge you to walk into this house and bang on the wall to find out how solid the house is. We don’t have to destroy the environment, we don’t have to cut down trees, and we don’t have to dig up your sand except to use a renewable material to build your houses”.

The new kind of house is revolutionising Africa, South East Asia and South America. The company is building its first factory in Kenya right now. “Vanuatu is a new adopter of this new technology and you should be proud of yourself”, he said.

“The idea is more than a house, it helps to stimulate a farmer’s wages, and helps create jobs. As IGS continues to expand this technology around the world, you young men and women who have learned how to build these houses and go on to become trainers, could travel the world to train people how to use the material to build new homes”.

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