Andy and Ondawame

L-r: Ayamiseba (left) and Late Ondawame in Grand Hotel

Chairman for the West Papua Unification Committee Meeting, Pastor Allan Nafuki, says the people of West Papua need to know that the people of Vanuatu are with them in the spirit, in their perseverance to regain their freedom from a brutal colonial domination.

The Chairman makes the statement in the face of tragic challenges that continue to confront the leaders of the Port Vila based West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL).

In the latest development, the Chairman says the Head of West Papua Mission, Andy Ayamisba has had his right leg amputed last Friday due to a non communicable disease (NCD).

“I went to encourage him and prayed with him at Vila Central Hospital, he knows we have a major meeting for the people of West Papua beginning with a church service at Saralana yesterday afternoon,” Pastor Nafuki says.

Ayamiseba personally called Daily Post to confirm the amputation of his leg and that, it will in no way diminish his resolve to push for the eventual freedom of the people of West Papua from Indonesian rule.

Pastor Nafuki says Sydney-based Secretary General for WPNCL, Rex Rumakiek has successfully undergone a major operation and the Unification Committee has finalised flight details for him to attend the West Papua Meeting.

On September 4, the Vice Chairman for WPNCL, Dr. John Otto Ondawame passed away and was buried in Port Vila following a long illness.

But Pastor Nafuki says all three tragedies have only strengthened the spirit of the ni-Vanuatu to stand firm in solidarity with the people of West Papua, until they regain their right to enjoy their God-given freedom to harvest their wealth that lies in the sea and below it and on the land and under it.

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