Trading Post Ltd, which publishes the Vanuatu Daily Post and produces the Vanuatu Nightly News Broadcast heard daily throughout Melanesia, is proud to announce a new programme designed to celebrate and preserve the journalistic legacy of Jonas Cullwick, who passed away last year.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, Jonas established himself as a paragon of responsible journalism.

His warm, unassuming and unflappable demeanour overlaid a steely resolve. It proved an invaluable asset in getting the big stories.

As another veteran reporter once said of him, ‘When Jonas called, people picked up the phone.’

In many ways, Jonas is irreplaceable. One eulogy remarked, ‘A nambanga tree has fallen’.

But the mighty nambanga has many stems. And that, indeed, is its strength.

Beginning this year, the Daily Post is establishing an annual programme to plant the seeds to grow future pillars of journalism in Vanuatu.

The Jonas Cullwick Memorial Fellowship is an annual cadetship programme that will provide practical professional training and career-track employment to young Ni Vanuatu people who aspire to a career in journalism.

The Fellowship is aimed primarily at recent graduates beginning their journalism career.

It consists of a six-month paid placement with the newspaper, and optionally to assist with production of our Nightly News broadcasts as well.

Jonas Cullwick Fellows will receive a modest but competitive monthly salary during the entire period of their placement. They will contribute to our news gathering and will work side by side with the rest of our journalism team.

Those who successfully complete the programme may be offered permanent employment with Trading Post Ltd.

Between one and three successful applicants will be selected each year.

“We’re looking for young people, especially recent university or APTC graduates, who are ready to take their first steps in a career in journalism,” says Media Director Dan McGarry.

“You don’t have to have a degree or certificate, but you do need to have sufficiently good skills that you can begin working immediately. This not for people who want to learn the basics. This is a programme for people who are ready to make their mark in the professional world.”

This isn’t just a gussied-up apprenticeship. Top-flight professionals from across the region have expressed interest in providing hands-on practical training. In addition, the Daily Post is seeking additional funding to increase the resources we can bring to bear on this programme, and also to open the Fellowship to citizens of other Pacific island nations.

People wishing to apply should download the PDF announcement attached to the online version of this story, or go straight to the web page:

Applications open January 15 and close February 15.

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