Teacher Gibson Tari accepting bags of rice from individual for his community

Ambaeans who have already returned to their island after the end of the state of emergency last November 26, are faced with the truth that they have no food crops in their gardens to depend on because their animals have “harvested” all their crops both under the ground and on the surface.

Faced with this dilemma, Ambaean leaders still in Luganville are appealing to the Government to consider continuing to provide them with food rations for the next three months until their gardens have matured.

“We are confident to note that as the Government is spending VT100 million of our Manaro Volcano funding to help the people of Ambrym, then obviously there is enough money left to continue to fund our emergency food rations until our new food gardens are ready”, Chief Ken Vuvu of North East Ambae says.

He says he has asked NDMO Officials to continue to supply them with food rations until their gardens are ready but says they told him it would be up to the Government.

So far the Government has provided them through NDMO, rations twice since their arrival in Luganville towards the end of last year.

Chief Vuvu says they are grateful to all individuals and landowners who have supported the Government by contributing towards their sufficiency in food.

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