Dick Samson, a Year 9 student at the Hog Habour Junior Secondary School (HHJSS) on Santo has allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself near the beach.

He was last seen around lunch time on Tuesday, October 9, entering the dormitory and leaving his school bag on his bed.

Daily Post was told that two students were walking on the reef the next day when they saw his body. The shocked students ran back and told the staff and other students.

The school principal then called the police in Luganville and the Tanna chiefs in Santo, who came and took his body to the hospital.

A heartbreaking suicide note was discovered under his pillow.

In the handwritten note, the late Samson started by addressing everyone in his village and the Isaena Nakamal in Tanna by saying “Good morning” and “Good afternoon”.

He stated words to the effect that he likes everyone in his heart and there is no end to it.

He stated it was his parent’s dream to send him to Santo for his good, in what he described as “a search for wisdom”.

The late Samson added he tried hard to overcome “something” that has been disturbing his academic life.

“I tried to destroyed it, not to affect me but it won me so I was afraid to see all of you,” he stated.

He then asked for forgiveness from everyone and God, adding his parents should know why he killed himself.

He asked his parents, uncle, aunt and grandparents not to feel bad about what he has done because the Lord’s coming is near.

At the end of the note, the late Samson stated that he is responsible for his death and wished God’s blessing on everyone.

Daily Post was reliably informed that it has been two weeks since the late Samson became deeply troubled and haunted by a report he got from his mother back on Tanna, alleging his father denied him after a domestic violence issue.

Reports claimed the late Samson started avoiding classes and spent most of his time sleeping in the dormitory after that.

Sources revealed the students had some discussions with him, asking if he needed anything that they might help him with but he said he was fine.

Before he died, the late Samson shared his pain over his parents’ issue with the head boy.

This is his first year in Santo and he was described as one of the best students at the HHJSS.

His colleagues and student friends from different schools went to pay their last respects yesterday morning before his body was flown to Port Vila, then to his final resting place on his home island, Tanna.

The Tanna Community in Santo have expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the SANMA Education office and the school council for their financial assistance in meeting flight expenses.

SANMA Principal Education Officer (PEO) and the Chairman of School Council of Hog Habour JSS escorted his body to Port Vila and handed him over to the family members who later chartered a flight to take him home to his parents.

All school principals in Luganville and SANMA province have issued a call to all parents who have children attending schools in SANMA to stop making calls and talking about issues which can demoralize and affect their education.

They appeal to all parents to focus on encouraging their children and empowering them to chase their dreams.

Police have confirmed the death of the two students in Port Vila and Luganville this week, saying investigations continue.

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