Air Vanuatu resumes commercial flights to and from Longana airport

Air Vanuatu’s ATR aircraft.

Air Vanuatu Limited has resumed its commercial flights to and from Longana airport on Ambae island.

Air Vanuatu’s Manager Marketing and Communication officer, Paul Pio made the confirmation to Daily Post, this week.

Mr Pio said that Air Vanuatu has resumed services to and from Longana as of 04 June 2019, offering three weekly services from Espiritu-Santo.

“Passengers can now travel on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with Espiritu-Santo being the transit port. Air Vanuatu will be offering pre-flights a week to Longana. All flights will be departing from Santo provided by Air Vanuatu’s Britain Norman Islander. There are also flights from Vila through to Santo, all the way to Longana as Santo, being the port for transit.

“At the moment, we are still operating with our smaller fleet. Once assessments are done, we can look at putting back, the bigger fleet, Twin otter. For the timing, initial flights will be operated with the islander, “said Mr Pio.

According to Air Vanuatu’s travel alert and timings, scheduled flights will see flights going to and from Longana to Santo will take place twice a day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Mr Pio emphasized that they are also, closely monitoring the volcanic situation on Ambae.

“A lot of businesses such as the International banks are also coming on board in putting back services into Ambae, also, other government agencies with the normal service deliveries can now go to Ambae to reactivate businesses on the island,” Pio said.

Mr Pio also stated that they hope to resume services to Walaha in the coming days once all airport safety requirements are met for commercial flights.

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