Adin denies GJP joining VP/NUP on Maewo

GJP Maewo Councilor Jackson Adin: I did not exchange any mat

with MP Philip Boedoro nor did GJP join the VP/NUP unity movement on Maewo

Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) Councilor for Maewo in the Penama Provincial Government Council, Jackson Adin, has rejected news reports earlier this week suggesting that GJP was joining the united grouping of Vanua’aku Pati and National United Party to work together for the 2016 general election on Maewo.

The report in Daily Post’s Wednesday issue says Adin had visited Member of Parliament for Maewo, last Sunday, and both men exchanged mats opening the way for GJP to join the VP and NUP unified group to contest the election.

But the GJP’s President, MP for Port Vila Ralph Regenvanu said the news report was incorrect. Councilor Adin also denied there was an exchange of mats between the two men and that GJP was not joining VP and NUP adding that there was no agreement for them to working together.

“They (MP Boedoro’s group) had asked me to meet with them to discuss how to work together to assist development on Maewo, and when I arrived MP Boedoro presented me with a mat, but I did not exchange any mat with him,” he said.

The GJP Council for Maewo added that MP Boedoro gave him the mat and said it was to say sorry to him for the wrong they had done to him.

“I didn’t know what wrong it was and they also didn’t say. So, I supposed they must be referring to the vote in the provincial council in 2014.

“At that time I stood for President of Penama Province and they asked the other Maewo Councilor in the council, NUP’s Philip Aru not to vote for me causing me to lose the election.”

Adin explained that any decision to join the VP and NUP unity group as claimed in the news article would require the decision of the GJP supporters on Maewo and the President and other members of the party’s national leadership.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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