ACP/EU meeting report handed to the government

The report of the ACP/EU meeting that was held from July 19 – 21 this year has been completed and handed to the government.

Chairman of the Task force Committee, Leon Teter, said that he is very happy that despite the limited time the team successfully completed the report within the time-frame given.

He applauded his team for their commitments and sacrifice towards the completion of the report in which he described as sufficient and effective.

The joint parliamentary meeting was hosted in Vanuatu through a request from MP Marco Mahe, Parliamentary Vanuatu’s Representative to the ACP/EU with the help of former Vanuatu’s Ambassador in Brussels, Roy Mickey Joy.

He said that VT20 million was approved through a supplementary appropriation budget endorsed to the parliament earlier this year.

He recommended the team to acting Speaker of the Parliament Toara Daniel that any future meeting, they would be very happy to take up the job.

In response, Mr Toara said that he is very happy to receive the report as evidence that detailed how transparent Vanuatu has hosted the meeting.

He said that he was impressed of the performance of the Taskforce who arranged the meeting and managed the fund successfully until the end.

He also thanked former Vanuatu Ambassador Joy for his negotiations to bring that meeting to Vanuatu.

He said that the Joint ACP/EU Parliamentary meeting is never held outside its own headquarters in Brussels but through his effort, he managed to bring that high level meeting to Vanuatu.

The Speaker of Parliament hosted a lunch inviting all members of the Taskforce without the National Coordinator Victor Rory who was abroad on medical grounds.

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