Police are expected to respond to road accidents later than usual as their response vehicles are off the road.

While no reasons have been provided as to why the vehicles are not available, an appeal has been issued to the general public, especially drivers of any vehicle that are using the public road to be patient if they are involved in a traffic accident because response to the accident may be delayed.

The Police traffic unit stressed the importance for vehicles to remain stationed at the accident site until police arrive to collect information and determine the cause of the accident so the offender can be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, police traffic is reminding every driver and vehicle owners operating a vehicle on a public road to ensure payment of annual road tax 2017 by the end of March 2017 are paid up for their vehicle annual road tax.

Police will be enforcing the road tax law after this 3-month grace period.

Police will ensure all vehicles are safe with a road worthy certificate.

Any vehicle caught operating without an annual road tax 2017 sticker will be confiscated and the driver has to process the documents for road tax within 10 days as required by the law.

After 10 days’ notice a vehicle will be regarded as state property.

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