Dear Editor,

It came as a surprise to many rural communities and people to learn about the sacking of former ministers of Public Utilities and Agriculture.

I am writing as a simple individual who has seen milestone infrastructure and agricultural developments in the communities and Vanuatu as a whole.

The current decision to remove the two most active ministers ever was to me pure party jealousy which will have long lasting impact on our rural communities. Impacts will not be known to VP or the Vanuatu Government.

It is also a slap on the face on Vanuatu politics which leads to my question after 38 years of independence...”Are we 10?”.

Mature politicians will fight and they will either win or lose but know that when elected to that chair, you represent the whole nation however the stains of this decision will be seen in our rural community developments.

Please Vanuatu politicians grow up. The world is changing and we are already facing a lot of challenges.

The ongoing impact of Sea Level rise due to climate change or climate variation.

The mass evacuation and scatter of Ambae populace, the increase presence of Chinese in Vanuatu, increase dependency on aid, continuous road conditions and accident. Plenty work in progress have been achieved and now the instrument of ministers removal. Hope you know what you are doing? We do not want unnecessary Motions that will be costly instead of addressing real life challenging issues in Vanuatu.

Acting PM, you owe the Vanuatu people an explanation for this instrument of removal of ministers. A democratic Government is For the people and By the people.

God bless our leaders, God bless Vanuatu.

Thank you.


Concern Law Abiding Citizen

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