Mi Harem Se industry watchers are incensed that tourism officials are fiddling while the nation burns. When not galavanting off to Outer Elbonia for reasons unknown, one organisation’s Dear Leader is busy trying to quash dissent, haranguing staff and media about even the mildest criticism. Staff are past caring, and even board members are asking what gives. Here’s a thought: Maybe if you actually listened to your membership, people might have kinder things to say. Silip!

Mi Harem Se the Opposition is spending more time opposing itself than opposing the government. In fairness to Ishmael, he’s been trying to keep up a steady flow of stories, and more power to him for that. The weekly press conferences are great, and we hope they continue. Problem is, he’s a voice in the wilderness right now, because all the people who should be beating the bushes and drumming up material for him are busy digging up dirt on each other instead. Silip!

Mi Harem Se some people are crying in their kava over the weather. After months of drought that nearly killed the local economy, the rains have finally come. But work can’t go ahead on the airport unless the weather’s dry. We just can win for losing. Silip!

Mi Harem Se the people of Vanuatu have shown true kindness to a friend in need. The cyclone Winston benefit raised over 1.3 million vatu. Not that it’s a competition or anything, but it’s good to see people here still have such big hearts. Congratulations to everyone who helped. Silip!

Mi Harem Se some people are going to learn that a fake Facebook ID isn’t going to protect them. They don’t seem to realise just how easy it is to find out who is really posting the childish crap that’s polluting our social media. But real ID or fake, people really do need to quit with the name-calling and infantile scandal-mongering. Trust me, if you found it out about them, they can find it out about you. Silip!

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